What kind of cake are you looking for on your wedding day?  Is it a moist, delicious, full-flavor cake covered with smooth, creamy, homemade frosting where every bite melts in your mouth?  Or a centerpiece so luxuriously decorated that your guests jaws will drop as soon as they lay eyes on the cake?  Or how about a unique and charming wedding cake design that people will talk about in years to come?

Of course, everyone wants the perfect wedding day with the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect flowers and the perfect cake (hopefully, you’ve already got the ‘perfect guy’ part taken care of), but the most important thing is that it has to be about YOU.

teal orange pink ruffles pearls wedding cake

Original cake design featuring bold colors with ruffles, pearls and bling!

Deciding on your special cake can be as simple as looking at our picture gallery and choosing your favorite one.  However, most of the enchanting cakes we’ve created are unique, designed specifically for each individual event, and required adequate consultation and communication.  In order for you to visualize the end product, we will sketch up your cake in PhotoShop and then get your approval of the design.  This eliminates the guesswork out of the cake designing process and allows us to tweak the design until we arrive at the cake of your dreams.  With this, you do not have to wonder if your cake will look as you imagined anymore.  You do not have to spend your valuable time thinking if your cake artist is on the same visual page as you.

rustic mason jar pink brown baby shower cake

Cake design inspired by invitations


At FancyThatCake, the texture and taste of your cake is of the utmost importance to us.  We promise that we will not compromise flavor for a flawless appearance.  Your cake will taste as good as it looks, and we’ve got the testimonials to back that claim up.  Even so, the look of your cake is just as important, and that is why we offer cake sketches to our customers.  Sketching your cake will be fun!  All you need do is collect your ideas and bits of inspiration — this could be the colors and/or flowers you’re using in your wedding decorations, your invitations, pictures of other cakes you like, a picture of your wedding gown, pictures or descriptions of other decorations and beautiful embellishments you’ll use in your wedding — and bring them to FancyThatCake for your free consultation.  We will discuss your vision and then create a detailed sketch of your specially designed cake for your approval or modification. As Katie, our cake artist, will be working with you on your cake from start to finish, you are guaranteed her utmost attention from design to delivery.

At FancyThatCake, we pride ourselves on making sure we create bespoke wedding cakes that reflect your likes and dislikes, your style and personality: wedding cakes that are as Unique as You Are!