I have answered a few posts on Facebook about someone getting married in the Southeast Missouri area but not exactly from Southeast Missouri asking what is the best venues; who does wedding pictures; who has the best sound system for western weddings; etc… and I just thought why not offer a local wedding link directory and put in the ones I know about. I mean I deliver to quite a few places and talk to quite a few people. I just want to say ONE thing … my ridiculous disclaimer … Fancy That Cake does not endorse or recommend anyone listed here… It’s just a free service so use it at your own risk and do your own research! I just wanted to start a list in case anyone might be interested in such a thing. It is certainly not everyone I’m sure but only the ones I’ve come across or whom have contacted me. Also you won’t find other cake decorators listed here because honestly you’ve already found the best cake artist you will ever need right here at Fancy That Cake If you’re not on the list and want to be … let me know and I will add you and if you’re on the list and don’t want to be … let me know and I will remove you. Simple enough?