About Fancy That Cake

My story is the same story of many people who love to decorate cakes and have decided to try and turn that love into a small home-based business.  I simply got tired of buying the plastic-tasting, cookie-cutter cakes offered at the big chain stores’ bakeries.  I knew I could bake a better cake, hands-down.  But I’ve always been extremely artistic, and so I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make a really amazing-looking, unique cake that looked even better than the ones you buy at the big bakeries?” And that was that!

I challenged myself, and being the competitive person I am, I accepted my own challenge.  However, I had never done anything more than frost my homemade cakes with frosting from a can. I had no idea where to begin as far as cake decorating.  So, I started scouring the Internet for frosting recipes, techniques, tips, tools and ideas.  YouTube was (and still is) one of my greatest teachers… there are so many videos out there that show you exactly what to do, and that’s how I learn best.  If I can see it, I can do it!

Anyway, my first cake was a My Little Pony cake I made for my Niece’s 4th birthday in 2009.  I’ve been decorating cakes ever since, and gaining a little reputation for myself along the way.  I’m finally starting to branch out and do cakes for people outside of my immediate circle of family and friends, and it is so very exciting!  I’ll probably never be rich and famous, but that’s not what I want!  I do want to make a living at decorating fancy cakes because it is definitely one of my passions in life… I simply love turning cake and frosting into custom designed works of art that are as unique and beautiful as the people who have asked me to create them!

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to try my hand at some three-dimensional (3D) sculpted cakes, which come out looking so cool that even I’m impressed with myself!  I’ve done buildings, cars, castles, baby bottoms, guitars, national monuments, characters from movies, along with numerous other sculpted figures and objects that can either be the whole cake or be used as cake toppers or accessories.  I’d say I’ve definitely found my niche! You show me a picture of something you love, and I will turn it into a cake!

We are Fancy That Cake … a cake TRULY as unique as you are!
That’s all, folks! Thanks for stopping by!

Super Cake Lady
  • Katie Goodpasture – Cake Artist

    Katie IS Fancy That Cake and started this company with the though when buying a birthday cake one afternoon; “I can make a better cake than any of these”; and many years later now has never looked back. Katie is an artist that learned to bake a cake and not the other way around. She also has a drive that she won’t finish the cake until it’s “done” in her head. That means even if she is working on 2 hours of sleep and profit margin is dwindling to $5 an hour on her time. She isn’t going to just wrap it up because she needs to make $20 an hour and the decorating time is up. That is why her cakes are always amazing and tha tis why you should buy a Fancy That Cake cake!

Jonathan Goodpasture – Everything Else!

I am pretty much the everything else guy of the company. I’m not saying Katie doesn’t do it all because she really does. I take care of getting supplies, making the boards and supports, Internet, marketing and advertising. I help out wherever I can but i never touch the cake LOL because you don’t want that 🙂

  • GOD – Our Everything!

    Certainly not by order of importance because GOD is our everything. HE is in our daily lives and we certainly consider HIM a member of our house and business. Thank You GOD!