• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What flavors do you offer?

      Below is a list of the cake and filling flavors we offer currently:

      Cake flavors: French vanilla, vanilla almond, confetti, chocolate, chocolate chip (vanilla cake with chocolate chips), double chocolate chip (chocolate cake with chocolate chips), fudge marble, red velvet, strawberry, lemon, orange, banana, coconut, butter pecan, carrot, spice, pumpkin spice... if you have a favorite flavor, but don't see it on this list, just ask, and I'll see what I can do.  :-)

      Buttercream-based filling flavors: vanilla, vanilla almond, cream cheese, chocolate, cookies-n-cream, chocolate chip, raspberry cream, strawberry cream, lemon cream, orange cream, cherry cream, blueberry cream, mint, mocha coffee, hazelnut, peanut butter, banana, cinnamon cream, salted caramel…

      Fruit (jam) fillings: strawberry, raspberry, lemon, cherry, blueberry

    2. Do you offer cake tastings?

      Yes, we offer cake tastings for wedding cake orders only.  Tastings are by appointment only.  We charge $50 for cake tastings.  You can choose 3 cake flavors and 4 filling flavors to sample.  You can have up to 6 people total attend the tasting.  We can accommodate more people and/or more flavor choices, but there will be an additional charge.

    3. Will you cut and serve my wedding cake at my reception?

      In the event that you have no willing friends or family to cut your cake, and your venue or caterer does not offer cake-cutting services, there might be one other option for you to consider… if you choose Fancy That Cake to make your wedding cake we will disassemble, cut and serve your wedding cake for a very small fee... and a meal!  So basically, you "invite" us to the reception, feed me and my husband dinner, perhaps a few drinks, and we take care of cutting and serving your wedding cake... and all we charge in addition to the meal is $50.  This is of course contingent on our availability, so if you're interested, just ask!

    4. How much do you charge for your cakes?

      This is a very common question, but as our slogan states, “As Unique as You Are,” so is the answer!  We are truly a custom cake decorating company with custom pricing. Currently, base price for most cakes is $3.50 per serving, although for the very popular "naked" cakes, $3.00 per serving is the base price.  Fondant or buttercream makes no difference in price as I use whatever medium I need to get the desired look, but tier shape, size of the cake, and how the cake is decorated all affect the price.  All prices are based on how much time I think it will take me to create your custom, edible work of art!

      Please feel free to call me (573-200-6428) or email me (cakes@fancythatcake.com) and tell me a bit about the cake you have in mind. If you can tell me how many servings you would like, and any information at all about how you want the cake decorated, I’m happy to give you a free price quote.

    5. Do you have a minimum order price?

      Yes, we have a base price of $200 for any cake order.  Base price for 3D/carved/sculpted cakes is $350.  These are base prices, mind, and so your cake may or may not cost more.  Also, these prices do not include materials or sales tax and/or delivery fees, so those charges would be extra, if they apply.  Each cake is priced individually based on the size of the cake and/or the complexity of the design.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about how much something will cost.  I’m happy to give you a free price quote.

    6. Do you require a deposit to book a cake date?

      Yes, I typically require a 50% down payment, but on larger orders or orders that are placed a year out or more, that is not always the case.  Please keep in mind that an order is not “official” until a down payment has been made.  So if you are sure you want Fancy That Cake, then get your deposit paid as soon as possible to save your date. I do not back out on an order once a down payment has been made.

    7. What is your cancellation policy?

      You can cancel your order at any time.  However, any and all payments made towards your order are non-refundable, so please don't make a down payment or any other payments until your date is finalized and the size of your order has been fully determined.  Once I have a certain amount of work for any given date, I turn away other potential business.  The deposit and other payments go toward your order total, but until the cake is completed, payments are collected to make sure I don't overfill my calendar.  Please note that changing your date after a down payment is made is the same as cancelling your order.  Final payment on an order that is being delivered is due two weeks before delivery.  Final payment for an order that is being picked up is due at pick up.  This allows plenty of time to finalize order details and size before the balance needs to be paid.

    8. Do you offer delivery and how much do you charge?

      Yes, we deliver!  Usually, wedding cakes only, but I have delivered cakes for other occasions if they are exceptionally large and/or pose some other challenge to the customer.  But I’ve also delivered small cakes for various occasions besides weddings.  If you have a special request for delivery, just ask.  I’m not saying I’ll do it every time, but I’ll definitely do my best to make you happy.  

      For wedding cakes, though, I recommend letting me deliver.  The charge is usually negligible, and it’s always better to leave me with the responsibility of making sure your cake arrives at your reception in perfect condition.

      Delivery fee anywhere in Jackson, MO, is $20; anywhere in Cape Girardeau, MO, is $25.  Otherwise, its usually $50 to Perryville or Sikeston, $60 to Carbondale, $65 to Fredericktown… I say “usually” because sometimes the price can vary.  All costs are based on what the IRS says to charge for mileage, also taking into consideration how much extra time and stress it will take me to make the drive and set-up.  So straight, multi-lane travel over more miles can sometimes cost less than a shorter drive on a curvy, hilly, two-lane road (hence the higher cost of Fredericktown over Carbondale).

      Regarding delivery time, usually I like to make my own delivery schedule, typically delivering cakes late morning or early afternoon, most of the time before 2 p.m.  However, I realize sometimes a later delivery may be necessary, like if you're having an outdoor wedding in the middle of July, and it's going to be 100 degrees, you don't want your cake sitting out in the heat from 11:00 a.m. until your 4:00 p.m. wedding reception.  In these instances, where either the weather or the venue dictates a later delivery time, there is a $40 surcharge that will be added to the delivery cost.  

      Lastly, as a rule, I do not deliver to private residences.

    9. Where are you located and how far will you travel to deliver an awesome wedding cake?

      We are located in Jackson, MO, and we service all of Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois, and the St. Louis region as well as Western Kentucky. We have delivered many cakes down to Sikeston, Portageville, and even Kennett down south in Missouri, Farmington, St. Genevieve and up into St. Louis, MO, as well. We have delivered to Carbondale, Cairo, Cobden and once even to Herrin, Illinois. The longest trip we’ve made for a cake delivery, so far, was the Lodge of the Four Seasons in Lake Ozark, MO, which was a 4.5 hour one-way trip! But the bride wanted Fancy That Cake, and she was more than happy to pay the delivery charge!

    10. What’s the best way to freeze and thaw our top tier of our wedding cake?

      First things first… if you don’t have a deep-freeze or know someone who has a deep-freeze who is willing to store your top tier for you, then don’t plan on freezing it for a year.  It will keep in a standard kitchen freezer for a month or so, but no longer, due to increased temperature fluctuations.

      Freezing your top tier:

      • Remove silk or fresh flowers or any other non-edible decorations (sugar flowers/decorations can remain on the cake)
      • Place cake unwrapped in freezer for at least 24 hours (up to 3 days)
      • Wrap frozen cake in plastic wrap and then freezer foil (if you wish, you can then place the wrapped cake in a box)
      • Place the wrapped cake back in the freezer until you are ready to eat it.

      Thawing your frozen cake:

      • Remove your frozen cake from the freezer and unwrap it immediately.
      • Place the unwrapped cake on a cooling rack for a few hours
      • EAT IT!

      Email me and let me know if it tasted good a year later :)

    11. Errors/typos on quotes and invoices

      It's very rare, but occasionally I will make a typo on a quote or an invoice, which will result in an incorrect order total.  I'm aware of only one time that this has happened.  I had priced a wedding cake at $3/serving.  It was a 3-tier cake to serve 74 guests.  But for the bottom tier, a 10" round, which serves 38, I had typed "1" in for the number of servings.  And it priced the whole tier at $3 total.  There was quite a bit more on the order, so I didn't notice my error.  Apparently, neither did the customer, and they paid in full the incorrect order total.  that error does not mean that the customer gets that price.  The price is the price, whether the invoice is accurate or not.  I make every effort to ensure that the prices I give customers are accurate, but we all make mistakes.  It is the duty of the customer to also review quotes and invoices and notify me of any blatant errors.