Wedding cakes have come a long way since the 70’s. When I was a kid so many moons ago, attending weddings with my parents, I was struck by how the wedding cakes all seemed to look the same. They were pretty much the same shape and it seemed that they were all pretty much the same color. The decorative touches were the exact white to off-white color as the rest of the cake, and depending on the lighting in the venue these artistic touches could often be difficult to appreciate as they would visually blend in to the rest of the cake. There were also the cake toppers, which were also so similar from one topper to the next. It all seemed so cookie-cutter. And then there was the issue with the type of cake it was made from. Why did it always seem to be sponge cake or fruitcake? I’m not really a fan. It was a treat when I was at a wedding where the cake was made from pound cake. I don’t really recall any other options.

Now I’m not trying to completely bash on the 1970’s wedding cake. Due to wedding tradition, the “style” of the times, and the need for a very dense cake to support it all… that’s all there was. That’s all we knew.

Fancy That Cake Wedding Cakes

Thankfully, there are so many other options today. Now a couple can express themselves in a mind-bogglingly huge number of ways! Would you like a traditional looking cake or do you prefer something that’s more out-of-the-box? Do you want a tiered wedding cake or is there a different idea that speaks to you? What color scheme communicates your theme or style as a couple? Your cake can be representative of the physical location of the nuptials, especially if that place has a special meaning to you both. You can choose elegant simplicity or a detailed extravaganza. The sky is literally the limit as far as decorative choices. Your cake can be an artistic representation of a feeling that you wish to convey, your chosen theme if you have one, or maybe an activity that you enjoy together. Or anything else that communicates your personalities.

And don’t forget the flavors! There are so many different types of cake that can be used to create your masterpiece, along with different flavors of icing, fondant, and fillings. The combinations of these flavors are almost endless.

The idea of a uniquely gorgeous and expressive wedding cake that tasted unbelievable, too, probably would have even seemed impossible to a kid from the 70’s. With a multitalented artist such as Katie Goodpasture from Fancy That Cake, all of this and more is possible.

Think of it this way. There is so much thought, planning, running from here to there to arrange everything, and let’s not forget the cost that goes into creating your perfect day. Why would anyone want the centerpiece of the day that ties it all together to be anything other than an expression of all of your hopes for that new beginning?