How would you feel if your beautifully decorated wedding cake imploded while being transported to the wedding reception? How would you feel if your perfect, dream cake morphed into a crumbling tower right before your eyes? Devastated, right? Well, this can happen to anyone. Yeah, anyone who makes the wrong choice for their cake maker. It’s heartbreaking to order a beautiful, expensive cake, only for the delivery to end in disaster.  You could still get married and have a lovely ceremony and reception, but it would definitely leave a stain on what’s supposed to be your perfect day.

yellow rosettes lace bling wedding cake

6-tier wedding cake that served over 300 people

To avoid this kind of a situation, you have to make the right choice. And making the right choice means ordering your wedding or 3D sculpted cakes from a professional with experience, like Fancy That Cake. We at Fancy That Cake have an excellent cake board structure for our smaller cakes and even have a metal stacking system for the larger cakes for our peace of mind and our customers’ as well. Our cake support systems all but removes the stress of traveling with a tiered cake or 3D cake.

Of course, driving with cake is always stressful.  You definitely still have to be careful not to accelerate too quickly, step on your brakes too hard, or turn the curves too fast.  Traveling with cake is never fool-proof.  But here at Fancy That Cake, we’ve had enough near-misses to know exactly what not to do!  The most important things to consider when stacking a cake that’s going to be transported, whether it’s tiered or 3D, is the possible side-to-side movement and the weight of the stacked cakes.

Our wedding cake board structure keeps your cakes level, straight, and makes them safe to transport by ensuring that the cake is supported both up and down and side to side.

One of our best feelings is seeing the look of excitement and appreciation on the faces of our client when they see our cake creation, whether they’re coming to pick the cake up at our location or whether they’re viewing it for the first time at their wedding reception.

A perfectly stacked wedding cake that’s straight and level and, barring an act of God, will not fall, droop or sag, and will make your wedding reception envied by all, especially people in attendance who may have had a bad experience with a wedding cake in their own past.

You need not worry anymore about your wedding cake shifting, sagging, sliding or falling.  Even the moistest buttercream cake at the hottest, outdoor July wedding reception will stand up to the summer weather. At Fancy That Cake, we keep your cake stable during delivery and make sure it’s perfect before we leave your reception venue.

And with the metal cake stacking system, you can turn it sideways or even upside down and it won’t budge!  Of course, I’ve never done this with anyone’s cake, nor do I recommend that you test the mettle of our metal (tee-hee), but it’s good to know.  The point is that if you can turn your cake sideways without it shifting, you will have the assurance and peace of mind knowing that your cake is safe and straight at every turn, bump or brake.

We take a lot of pride in our cakes here at Fancy That Cake.  We spend many, many hours sketching, baking, frosting and decorating all our cakes, continuously trying to outdo ourselves.  It wouldn’t make sense to spend all that time and energy only to “cross our fingers” and hope that nothing happens to the finished, amazing cake during transportation.  We’re not saying it’s impossible that something could happen one day to one of our cakes… but we do everything we can to make sure that it’s as close to impossible as possible!  You’re welcome 😉