There are lots of ways to make your wedding day truly memorable.  Making sure you’ve picked the perfect mate is job one… then there’s the dress, the hair, the make-up, the venue, the food, the flowers, the bridal party… and of course, having an amazing and delicious wedding cake for all your guests to ooh and ahh about is right up there at the top of the list.

But those are all standard-issue when it comes to having the wedding reception of your dreams.  What about adding something that very few others can say about their wedding day?  Something like — oh, I don’t know — like having your wedding during a total eclipse of the sun!  Well, that’s just what one lovely couple decided to order for their wedding.  They chose to have hold their wedding ceremony and reception on Monday (unheard of!), August 21, 2017, in Carbondale, IL, at the Wedding Garden at Garden Grove… and they chose Fancy That Cake to make their wedding cake for their special day.

Now, you would think if they would organize their whole wedding around Eclipse Day 2017, they would want an eclipse-inspired wedding cake — maybe a black cake with the the corona of the sun painted on it… or a cake that’s painted to look like the universe… or a three cakes that look like the Earth, Moon and Sun all lined up (that would have been awesome!)  But no… the actual ceremony and reception were not decorated in any special way to acknowledge the eclipse.  They simply wanted to be married during that special time.

Their colors were shades of lavender, pinks, greens, champagne gold and ivory.  The bride had sent me a picture of a cake she just loved for inspiration, and then I modified the design to represent all of their colors and make their wedding cake more original.  This three-tier square wedding cake served 100 guests.  The tiers were decorated in lavender ombre and embellished with champagne gold scroll designs.  And instead of a traditional topper, the bride asked for two coral-colored sugar peonies to grace the top of her cake.

I and my family were graciously invited to attend the ceremony and reception, so while the moon was gradually blocking out the sun, we sat and watched these two young people begin their married life together.  They provided eclipse viewing glasses for all their guests so that we could steal glances the the eclipse as it was happening throughout the ceremony.  It was a hot day, for sure, but worth all the sweat to be there during two such beautiful, awe-inspiring events.