• Testimonials

  • We know you will love Fancy That Cake as much as we do. Katie puts so much time and effort into each of her cakes, and makes each a work of art unique to the customer who orders it. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say! Check below to read dozens of testimonials from our dedicated customers!

  • I wanted to let you know that the cakes were perfect. The cookie cake was the highlight of our day especially. Brandon loved it. Was 100% surprised about it being her. It was so realistic our guests thought it was a statue. I didn't cry the entire day till later in the evening when we kinda got a moment alone to look at her. It was perfect! Thank you so much for helping make my day absolutely perfect.

    Danielle S.

  • Your cake was a hit! You may have seen it as one of the prominent pictures from the event in the SEMissourian. We displayed it out where the event was and it was an eye-catching centerpiece to our evening. Your stack of business cards were gone in 10 minutes. People were on their hands and knees looking up under the portico and up close at the authors written on the side. The more we looked, the more impressive your attention to detail became. And to top it all off, it tasted great. We cut 1″ square columns and went through maybe 2/3 of the cake that night. Rest was cut and boxed and put in the fridge in breakroom. It was all gone this morning! Thanks again for squeezing us in and making this very cool cake which became a focal point of our evening celebration.

    David S.

  • I am writing to say thank you for the considerable effort that your team put into sprucing up our garden prior to my daughter’s wedding. Everything was absolutely immaculate. Quite literally there was not a single item out of place. But as you know, despite your grand endeavours, the weather was not quite so kind to us. Luckily though, there was sufficient break (and mercifully a little sunshine) to get some delightful pictures taken in the rose garden; photographs our family will always treasure. So whilst I hope that our youngest daughter’s wedding is still a few years away yet, I would like to serve notice that in addition to the garden, we would like you to take complete control of the wedding the next time round!

    Michael Clifford

  • We had our absolute dream wedding. We were quite nervous to let someone else take over all the planning and coordination, but it was completely worth it. We didn't have to worry about a thing, everything went perfectly and we were able to relax and enjoy the whole day!

    Margaret Brown