Since ancient times, weddings typically have been celebrated with a special cake. The wedding cake has always been full of symbolism, and it dates back to the Ancient Romans. Customs transform and develop with time, and today the presence of a wedding cake and ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake has become one of the inevitable events and classic elements of every wedding reception.

Aside from providing a great photo opportunity, the perfect, custom wedding cake can make one’s wedding reception the talk of the town. Just like your wedding gown, your wedding cake is very special and meaningful to you, and so you must choose the right person to create your cake. That way you and your guests are left with wonderful memories and beautiful photographs.

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Wedding receptions are a “once in a lifetime” thing for couples, so why shouldn’t you have that “once in a lifetime” wedding cake as well? Ask any newlywed couples today, they would tell you a glamorous and memorable wedding ceremony isn’t complete without a well-baked, moist, delicious wedding cake. But also for most couples, the wedding cake should be as unique and eye-catching as it is delicious. At every wedding ceremony, one thing is most certain; newlyweds always take great delight in being able to “have their cake and eat it, too.” The cake cutting ceremony is the beginning of your sweet life as a married couple.

A long list is always made for weddings and “meet with wedding cake baker” most definitely makes the to-do list. Cakes are a part of virtually all weddings, and the cutting of the cake is seen as a classic part of the wedding reception, but did you know there is real meaning behind this tradition? At Fancy That Cake, we believe wedding cakes are a grand focal point. Wedding cakes represent so much more than a beautiful centerpiece. The importance of a wedding cake symbolizes not just the union, but the promise to forever provide and be there for each other, as well as taking part in your first task together as newlyweds, which is cutting the cake. Knowing the root of the wedding cake tradition gives us an even greater passion for creating delicious and creative desserts to be enjoyed on your special day.

At Fancy That Cake, we love to work together with our clients at our custom cake bakery, where we talk about specific styles and vision while letting them taste delicious samples. All of our brides and grooms are sui generis in their ways, and we enjoy using their ideas to make their personalized cakes. We are grateful every day that we get to use our creative talents to design wedding cakes. Every cake is custom made, designed with the demands of the couple in mind, and one of the absolute best parts about this job is bringing a couple’s cake dreams to life! They’re always so amazed when the cake the envisioned sits before them in real life, and it looks exactly as it was pictured! And then they cut and eat it and are further blown away by how great it tastes!

We bake all kinds of cakes at Fancy That Cake, from custom wedding cakes to grooms’ cakes. We also bake three-dimensional (3D) sculpted cakes. That’s right! We make cakes that look like buildings, cars, castles, animals, guitars, national monuments, characters from movies, along with numerous other sculpted figures and objects. The sculpted figures can also be used as cake toppers or accessories. You may also choose to have your cake decorated with handmade, edible, sugar flowers.

All our clients are unique, and for this, we will make a cake as unique as you are and that tastes simply amazing. Our comprehensive belief system is just to do it right no matter how long it takes . To always give our best in all we do and be honest at all cost. At Fancy That Cake we promise you’re going to get an amazing looking cake that tastes as good as it looks.

Here is a short message from a Fancy That Cake bride:

“Hi Katie, I’ve been meaning to email you, so I apologize for the delay. I just want to thank you so very much for our beautiful wedding cake! It looked exactly how I imagined and how I wanted. It also tasted wonderful, and we received many compliments from the guests. We are so happy we saved our top tier, and we are still enjoying it! We decided to eat it while it is fresh rather than freeze it for a year in our tiny freezer, lol. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work and artistry. Thank you for the best wedding cake I could have ever asked for!”

One thing that should leave you delighted is choosing your cake! Working with couples is what we love to do to ensure that the look and taste of the cake is exactly suited to them! We know just how significant and important your wedding day is. Cheers to your once in a lifetime celebration and let them eat cake, baked by Fancy That Cake.