Fancy That Cake’s First Post

update: 5/7/14: : A little history on we started off baking cakes for our (not so little girl anymore) around 2009. I created an image only website based on yen website code and it was nice but more for someone selling pictures and I wanted to get an even balance of pictures and type content out there as well.  A couple years later in 2011 I re-develped by winning a contest that would let me pick a word press premium theme and they would convert it. This was beautiful. It was professional and I could now put up content, pictures, an FAQ, and even videos if i wanted. We still haven’t found time to make these yet but i want too. Anyways that worked for a good while but with the ease of Facebook and the fact it took way too long to put up a project on our website led to it NEVER getting updated. So on May 1st 2014 I pulled the plug and started over again and working around the clock getting all past and present projects listed again. The new code is great for SEO and formats to whatever screen size you are on. We look forward to hearing from you … below is the very first word press post created in 2011.

Hello Everyone … a quick post to let everyone know Fancy That Cake is not live with the new site but we are no where near finished. We are merely moving in at the moment but it was getting too hectic trying to keep up with the old site and the new one as well. I have MOST of the pictures up and promise this is the first thing to get posted. Then we will work on expanding the FAQ section about Katie’s business and answering most everyone’s questions right there. Katie will start posting short “How To” videos on You Tube and the site as well as short tips and tricks in the cake business right here on the blog. We will look into offering recommended products as well as offering our own in the products section.

We have a lot planned and all in good time but for now check out the cake gallery areas and visit often.