When Giovani and Victoria made the decision to book Fancy That Cake for their wedding cake and rehearsal dinner cake, they knew they were making the right choice!  The wedding cake that we designed for them was tall, elegant and gorgeous.  The design incorporated the colors of their wedding – teal, bright orange and hot pink – along with plenty of pearls, ruffles, lace and bling!  It was most certainly a beautiful, one-of-a-kind cake to remember.

Their rehearsal dinner cake, however, was a bit more challenging.  The groom, Giovani, wanted to sort of treat the rehearsal dinner cake like his groom’s cake, and so he wanted the cake design to be themed after his business.  He and Victoria both operate the business together, so it made sense that the cake should reflect this shared part of their life.

The only problem was the nature of his business: his company is called Guaranteed Property Solutions (GPS), a safe and affordable mold removal company!  So… here’s how the conversation went as we tried to figure out how to design this cake:

Gio: “”I’d like the rehearsal dinner cake to reflect my business.”
Me: “And what is it that you do?”
Groom: “I own and operate a mold removal company. My fiancee works there, too, so it would be really special for us. But I don’t want a cake that looks moldy.”
Me: “Are you sure?! I could make one really awesome, totally nasty-looking moldy cake that would taste amazing!” 
Groom: “Tempting… but no.” 

The picture of the cake tells the rest of the story.   The idea that evolved was to have their business logo on top and edible images around the sides of photographs of the bride and groom on the job together.  The finishing touch was the handmade 3D figurine on top of Gio in his protective best sporting some piece of equipment that I have no idea what it is or how it works.  And that’s how you make a romantic cake with mold as your inspiration!

Congratulations, Gio & Victoria, and thank you for choosing Fancy that Cake!!!