Update: Originally posted May 1, 2014 the post below was a sad day when you realize you have to redo everything on your website. NOW some 3 years later we are launching Fancy That Cake 3.0!!! UGG. We have decided for the moment to not put ALL our cakes on the website anymore (however we may still do so on FB) but we will have only Wedding Cakes, Grooms Cakes, 3D Sculpted Cakes, Anniversary, and Bridal Shower Cakes here. We are still going strong. Thanks for all your loyalty and support!

Welcome all to Fancy That Cake 2.0  I have redone everything again. Or over the next few weeks re-doing I guess. I have tons of work putting all of Katie’s beautiful cakes back up for public viewing again. WE rebuilt for a couple reasons and too much time on our hands isn’t one of them unless considering this new website will save us tons up time putting on new cake projects. The big reason we weren’t updating the previous site was it took forever to add a new cake page and now it takes but a few minutes. Also the new site will format to any size screen you want to view it so it looks as good on a 4 inch cell phone screen as a 21 inch monitor at home.

We hope to bring on new features in the coming months as well. WE have added a wedding links resource which will be full of local wedding vendors contact info for all future brides to use as a telephone book of sorts of even some hard to find locals. This is on our website now and will get updated regularly as I find them for you. WE hope to add how-to blog posts and perhaps down the road videos. Katie learns a lot of technique but a lot of her success is due to her GOD given talent. She has learned many things about baking cakes and making fondant and gumpaste but has always been an artist and seeing  the correct shape of things and putting them to an object such as cake, fondant or modeling chocolate is at some level very difficult and impossible to teach.

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your patience as I attempt to re-create 4 years of cakes on this website.