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  • 3-D Sculpted Cakes

    It's a worldwide sensation. From wedding cakes to birthday cakes, 3D cakes, cake fairies, baking programs on television: the more amazing the cake, the better. Customers are becoming more and more imaginative in their cake requests. They see all the things that appear on social media and satellite TV and expect the same from their baker. With bold colors, gravity-defying [...]

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    Wedding Cakes

    I don't know about you, and there may be some who disagree with me, but when I go to a wedding, there are really only two things on my mind that I can't wait to see.  Now, don't get me wrong... I love weddings and everything that goes into them, from the flowers, to the venue, to the table decorations and centerpieces, to the pew bows, to the candelabras, to the bridesmaids' dresses, to the [...]

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    Grooms Cakes

    A groom's cake is definitely a fun addition to any wedding reception, and one you should certainly consider adding to yours!  Not only is it a fun way for the groom to express himself in an event where he otherwise might be, shall we say, overshadowed by the bride... but it's also usually a real conversation starter among the guests!  Where the wedding cake is traditionally elegant, [...]

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