• Cake Tasting

  • Wedding Cake Tasting - What you should know

    For some brides, the most remarkable thing about their wedding is the reception venue.  For other brides, it’s their designer wedding dress and shoes.  For others, it is perhaps the flowers and decorations… but for many brides, it's their cake. Regardless of what your recipe for happiness is, we completely understand the madness and obsession that overwhelms the bride when planning their dream wedding day. After all, you have found your prince charming and now is the time to celebrate your happily ever after!

    Well, congratulations, you just made it to the best part of your wedding planning: tasting the cake! With the pressure and stress that comes with planning a wedding, it's good to know there is one task that is not only productive, but also delicious! But, like other aspects of wedding planning, if you don’t choose wisely, even the tasting of a wedding cake can transform from a happy experience to an irritating one. Fancy That Cake is here to help you so that choosing the perfect cake for your wedding day tops the list as one of the most fun and easy tasks of the entire wedding planning process.

    Let's begin by taking a look at what cake tasting is. Cake tasting is exactly what it sounds like… you get to eat cake!  But it’s also an excellent time to have your consultation with potential cake vendors. It will give you the chance to talk about your wedding and your dream cake, and it also gives you the opportunity to get to know the person who will potentially be making the cake for the most memorable day of your life.

    But you may still be wondering...

  • What should you discuss about your wedding at a cake tasting?

    You should know that the theme and design of your wedding will be considered in choosing the perfect wedding cake. If your wedding reception will have an island, tropical, beach theme, go with the tastes and temptations of the islands – coconut, and pineapple are just a few examples. If you’re having a fall wedding, perhaps red velvet, pumpkin spice or carrot cake would be more appropriate choices.  However, that’s just one way to go.  If you want coconut cake at your fall reception or red velvet cake for your spring wedding, that’s your choice, and we at Fancy That Cake will always say, “It’s whatever you want.”  Even so, everything about your wedding will help the cake artist generate ideas and conceptualize a comprehensive design both for the flavor and the looks of the cake.

    What should you discuss about your dream cake?

    If you already have a good idea of the design, size, and style of the cake you want, then make these desires known to your cake maker. Bring pictures of cakes you like from magazines or the Internet (Pinterest is an excellent source for beautiful cake pictures to inspire you).  If you’re not sure what you want your cake to look like or what size you need, that will not be a problem for a professional cake maker.  Talk to your cake maker about decorations you’re using in your wedding ceremony and reception.  Things like your colors, flowers, wedding gown, bridesmaids’ dresses, your invitation, centerpieces, table decorations, etc., can all be considered when designing your cake.  Here at Fancy That Cake, we can create your cake from a picture you give us, or we can design your cake custom and sketch it up so that you can approve your design ahead of time.  Either way, there are no surprises come wedding day, as you will know exactly what your cake will look like.


    Taste cake samples

    Now… time to eat some cake!  Most cake makers will offer you cakes, fillings and frostings to taste. Here at Fancy That Cake, we do what we call a “mix-n-match” cake tasting.  You will receive several flavors of cake and then filling and frosting flavors on the side.  The best way to determine your favorite flavor combination is by taking a small bite of each cake and each filling/frosting flavor individually.  This will give you the opportunity to taste each flavor separately. After tasting each of the items individually, then mix and match your favorites to find a perfect combination. Do not be afraid to try an odd combination if it consists of the flavors that you and your partner love. Be sure to eat a meal before the whole cake tasting process because hunger could stray your cake decisions. Also, ensure that you drink water throughout the tasting to cleanse your palate.

    Sorry to say but now you’re done and it’s all up to us now to deliver you a beautiful wedding cake on your special day. Do you have someone to cut your cake?