• Cake Sketches

  • Cake Sketch vs. Actual Cake

  • Making a sketch of your custom cake design is one of the most valuable services we offer to our customers here at Fancy That Cake!  With so many beautiful photographs of amazing cakes to be found on the Internet, sometimes it's easy for customers to find a picture of what they want.  Many times, a customer will show me a picture and say, "I want a cake that looks just like this," or, "I want a cake like this, except with different colors," or no flowers, fewer tiers, more tiers, etcetera. 

    But sometimes you just can't find exactly what you're looking for no matter how hard much digging you do.  You might like the pearls on one cake, and the lace on another, and the colors on another, the floral arrangement on still another... that's when having a cake artist like me (Katie, Fancy That Cake) can make your life so much easier!  I will take all of your ideas, your desires, your hopes and dreams for your perfect cake and sketch you a design that incorporates the elements you love into one coherent vision.  Then I will submit the design for your approval, and I will revise the sketch as many times as necessary until we arrive at the perfect picture of your cake. 

    I make cake sketches for not only wedding cakes, but any cake for any occasion (birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, bridal shower cakes, baby shower cakes... or any other special event).  And once I've sketched it, you can expect your cake to look just as good as the drawing I give you.  My sketch is like a promise I make to you.  I will never draw something in a cake sketch unless I'm absolutely confident that I can recreate that same look in real life on your cake. 

    There is no "extra" charge for this service.  The cake sketch is just as valuable to me as it is to you, the customer, because that way I know that what I'm creating is exactly what my you want.  It's just another form of "cake insurance" that we offer at Fancy That Cake; making sure that our vision for your cake matches your vision your picture perfect cake.

    Please view my "Inspiration vs. Perspiration" Cake Gallery for more examples of cake sketches side-by-side with photos of the finished cakes.