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  • Wedding Cake Cutting

    A wedding cake has a unique position in the wedding occasion. It is always the center of attention at the reception, second only to the bride herself. Wedding cakes are put together with the utmost care, attentiveness and passion. The cake should stand perfect, tall and beautiful until it’s time for the cake cutting ceremony, and then the same attention and care should be given to disassembling, cutting and serving the wedding cake.

    Everyone looks forward to the wedding cake cutting ceremony as a time of celebration and fun. One of the most photographed moments of your reception will likely be the cutting of your cake. It's one of those times where everyone and their camera focuses on you and waits for the moment, funny or tender, to unfold. But did you know that the cutting of the cake has some historical significance attached to it? Indeed, many traditions that take place at weddings usually have some history associated with them, from the first dance, the cake cutting, to the bridal bouquet toss and grand exit, just to name a few.

  • Originally, “wedding cakes” were made of wheat which was a symbol of fertility and prosperity.  As an object of once-performed fertility rites, these '”cakes” would have been thrown at the bride.  Around 1900 years ago the Romans began baking wheat and salt into small cakes to be eaten. During the ceremony the groom would eat part of a loaf of this barley bread and then he would break the rest over his bride's head. This was taken as a sign of good fortune and a blessing for long life and many children. The guests would try and obtain a crumb for themselves as they too believed they would then share in the good fortune and future prosperity of the couple.

    Prior to the introduction of tiered confections, the bride used to cut the wedding bread (now cake) into pieces and distribute it to the guests, with the groom playing no real part in the task, other than to be given the first piece cut by his bride. When tiered confections arrived on the scene, the icing was much thicker and harder, so it could support the upper tiers. It took both the bride and groom to cut through the icing for the first slice.

    The tradition of cake cutting usually takes place following the meal, toasts and speeches and signals the end of the more formally organized part of a reception. It also symbolizes the first task that the newlyweds perform together as husband and wife.  It provides guests and their photographer the last formal picture-taking opportunity of the bride and groom. The photos and videos provide lasting memories for the happy couple to look back on in years to come.

    So now that you know a little more about the history and symbolism behind the cake cutting ceremony, hopefully, you’ll decide to make this time-honored tradition part of your wedding reception.  One thing still to consider is the logistics behind cutting the cake.  Make sure you hire a cake maker who knows their stuff!  And by that, I mean, the cake needs to be constructed and stacked properly, or one false move and … SPLAT!  Your lovely, symbolic, photo-worthy ceremony goes from “hooray” to “no way”! 

    Rest assured that if you choose Fancy That Cake, you will have no worries about the sturdiness of your cake.  Cut that thing where ever you like.  It will stand tall and beautiful until you’re ready to take it apart. 

    After the ceremony, most couples have kind and brave family members (a beloved aunt or cousin, perhaps) cut and serve the rest of the cake.  Depending on where your reception will be held, some venues do offer cake-cutting services, so check with your venue.  Cutting and serving a wedding cake can get complicated and a little intimidating, especially with a tiered cake. But if the cake is stacked correctly, it’s usually fairly easy for anyone, even a novice, to take the cake apart and cut and serve it.

    However… in the event that you have no willing friends or family to cut your cake, and your venue or caterer does not offer cake-cutting services, there might be one other option for you to consider… if you choose Fancy That Cake to make your wedding cake we will disassemble, cut and serve your wedding cake for a very small fee... and a meal!  So basically, you "invite" us to the reception, feed me and my husband dinner, and perhaps a few drinks, and we take care of cutting and serving your wedding cake... and all we charge in addition to the meal $50.  This is of course contingent on our availability, so if you're interested, just ask!

    And how do you say thank you to us for your wonderful services? Just tell your friends about Fancy That Cake.