Blue Watercolor Cake — Top Tier Recreated!


Navy blue and coral wedding cake


Mission Accomplished! A customer came to me saying he and his wife got married in Michigan and had a bakery there make them a lovely and delicious wedding cake. But they’ve recently moved here, and he wanted a recreated version of their top tier to give to his wife for their first anniversary. So you can see their original top tier in the picture on the left, and my version on the right. Of course, their decorator used a real succulent on top, and mine is handmade/edible. I don’t care for the way my succulent turned out; there are about 15 things I’ll do different next time I make one… but I think the overall effect was pretty close to perfect! Inside was carrot cake with cream cheese filling!



Venue Customer Pick-up
Date May 6, 2017
Number of Servings 12

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