3D Dodge Ram Pick-Up Truck Cake!


Navy blue and coral wedding cake


3D Dodge truck cake…. All chocolate cake on the inside, decorated outside with homemade fondant. This 3D truck cake was completely decked out just like the groom’s own truck, complete with hand-painted decals on windows and on sides of truck, custom wheels made out of Rice Krispies Treats, and other personalized details, such as the Cummins logo with a diamond ring on the fender next to the front tire.
Congratulations, Artie & Lindsay! I was honored to make this cake for you, and I’m glad it turned out as good as it did. (Vehicle cakes are so difficult. Too bad all that’s left is pictures… it looked so much better in person!)
Here’s what the groom’s mom had to say about this amazing truck cake!  ” This cake was awesome. People thought it was a plastic truck. Even the stickers were correct. My son was so excited over his grooms cake. Thank you Fancy That Cake.



Venue Bavarian Halle, Fruitland, MO
Date November 19, 2016
Number of Servings 40 – 50

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