3D Blue Marlin Cake!


Navy blue and coral wedding cake


3D Blue Marlin CAKE!
Fish body was chocolate cake with chocolate filling/frosting, covered with my homemade fondant, and then textured and painted. Board decorated with waves of frosting!
And here’s what the customer had to say about his finished cake: “And the cake tasted better than it looked and it looked amazing! The picture doesn’t do it justice, the detail and the shine on it looked just like a real marlin.
This was an extra special cake because their son had actually been to Hawaii on a vacation and gone on a deep sea fishing excursion and reeled in a huge blue marlin!  He got a certificate and everything 😉  Of course, it was catch and release, so they needed the cake so he could have his fish and eat it, too!  haha!



Venue Customer Pick-up
Date February 25, 2017
Number of Servings 25 – 30

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